Alan Watts – Emptiness

In this YouTube video, Alan Watts describes the Buddhist concept of emptiness and explains how words, although very useful to human flourishing, can also be deceptive.

Explore the Art of Cameron Gray

Cameron Gray, Australian visionary artist, creates scenes of the human potential. His works portray a peek through the veil, asking us how can we be greater, live fuller and love deeper. From celestial visions to cosmic animations, Cameron is a frontrunner in the digital art revolution.

Mindfulness Musings

Imagine a pink elephant... now do thoughts arise, or do "you" arise thoughts? Ask the pink elephant you just thought about. Poetry flows through the mind as thoughts. It's your job to select the right words.

Musical Meditations

“It is easiest to hear this Sound when it is quiet, particularly at night-time. Once you have identified this Sound, then you place your awareness on it without wavering. Resting your mind in the Sound, you continue to listen, going further and further into the Sound itself.” (“Mind Beyond Death”, Dzogchen Ponlop Rinpoche, Snow Lion Publications)

Welcome to Liberty Buddhism

Our journey towards enlightenment begins with the understanding that everything is interconnected. Everything is impermanent and interdependent.


We'll delve deeper into these ideas as we explore the Buddhist path of liberation from suffering, but words alone cannot convey the richness of Buddhism. That requires experiencing life in the present. The main method for experiencing and understanding the present moment is meditation.


While articles on meditation are helpful, to continuously enjoy the present requires a variety of mediums. Art, poetry, music, and videos can elevate our existence through awe and wonder. We hope these resources will be valuable guides as you travel along this noble path.

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